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PIR Center consultant Oleg Demidov describes the role of the Verisign corporation in the DNS root zone management, comments on the process U.S. Department of Trade’s withdrawal from direct contractual relationship with the technical management of the root zone, and looks at the potential impact of c...


On July 16, 2018, President Putin and President Trump finally held their first summit in Helsinki. The summit did not yield specific agreements in arms control domain, which means the current problems will have to be addressed by next U.S.-Russia summit. Now there are only two major arms control ...

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The Great Nuclear Game of the 21st Century: Disarmament or War?

Alexander Radchuk

The first attempts to make sure nuclear weapons are never used in anger were made right after they were invented. Advisor to the Chief of Russia's General Staff Alexander Radchuk analyses the position of the nuclear powers, looks at the latest nuclear disarmament initiatives and details possible scenarios of international developments in the 21st century, including the possibility of nuclear conflicts. He offers a number of steps which would allow all nations to give up nuclear weapons and stop using force as an instrument of international relations.

The Great Nuclear Game of the 21st Century: Disarmament or War? (full text)


SECURITY INDEX №4 (93), 2010