Development of international process, international negotiations and international norms of conduct in cyberspace lasts for at least 15 years. Only this year we are witnessing subscription of certain documents and conducting certain negotiations creating preconditions for real breakthrough in this s...


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Spring Session of the Trialogue Club International is to be held on April 7. We re-start our activities in the face-to-face format! 07.04.2021

Spring Session of the Trialogue Club International is to be held on April 7. We re-start our activities in the face-to-face format! image

On April 7 the spring session of the Trialogue Club International will be held. Alexander Gabuev, a member of PIR Center’s Advisory Board and a Senior Fellow and the Chair of Russia in the Asia-Pacific Program at the Carnegie Moscow Center will be the main speaker of the event. Alexander Gabuev will deliver a speech on the following topic: «Asymmetric triangle: deepening of China-U.S. confrontation and its implications for Russia».

The upcoming Spring meeting will definitely be special. The transformation of the established world order began as a shift in the balance of power in the 21st century, and over 2020 was accelerated by coronavirus pandemic. In order to clarify the uncertain future of the global way forward, we are looking forward to an upcoming in-person meeting with our colleagues and partners from different countries to have an intelligent and productive conversation about our common short and mid-term prospects.

The subject of the spring meeting is highly relevant due to the growing confrontation between China and the US, and the need for other major actors to determine their place within the framework of this new confrontation. With regard to the geopolitical triangle, the recent visit of the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to China has demonstrated the proactive Russia’s role.

At the spring session we will discuss the dynamics of the US-Chinese geopolitical rivalry, as well as the strategic partnership between China and Russia and their coherent approach to the 21st   century format of confrontation - between the US and China. Participation in the meeting of the Trialogue Club International will be by invitation only. The working language of the meeting is English.

Trialogue Club International is a platform where high-ranking members of diplomatic, military, political, and expert circles meet in order to have a vibrant discussion on topical issues of international security, Russia’s foreign, defense, and security policy. You can find more information about the Trialogue International Club history, activities, and fee rates at our website  or by contacting Club Executive Secretary via e-mail: [email protected], or by phone + 7 916 170 03 07.