111th Autumn session of the Trialogue Club International 05.10.2021

111th Autumn session of the Trialogue Club International image

On October 5, the Autumn Session (№ 111) of the Trialogue Club International will take place, on the sidelines of which high-ranking representatives of diplomatic, military, political and expert circles will meet again to discuss topical issues of international security, foreign and defense policy of Russia.

The topic of the meeting is Afghanistan under Taliban*: Russia’s Interests, Alliances, and Calculations. A Thin Bridge between Threats and Opportunities.

The main speaker of the meeting is Dr. Ivan Safranchuk, Director of the Center of Euro-Asian Studies, Institute for International Studies, MGIMO University, Member of PIR Center Advisory Board.

For many years, Afghanistan has been one of the main arenas for the clash of geopolitical interests of the world's leading powers and regional players. Due to religious differences, political struggle and the unfavorable economic situation, the issues of peaceful settlement in Afghanistan have become a real task of the century for many states and the international community in general. The relevance of the topics of the autumn meeting is determined by the continuing tension around the situation in Afghanistan.

By invitation only.

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*A terrorist organization banned in Russia