Kovalev Alexander image
Name: Kovalev Alexander
Affiliation: Chair of the International Law Department, Diplomatic Academy of the Russian MFA
Biography :

Dr. Kovalev was born in 1938. In 1960 he graduated the Leningrad High Engineering Naval College, in 1969 – the Leningrad State University and in 1979 upgraded his skills at the AllSoviet Foreign Trade Academy. In 1971–1973 Alexander Kovalev worked in the Russian trade representative office in West Germany, in 1973–1974 joined the staff of the Consular General office in West Germany. In 1979–1984 he worked for the ECA (UN Economic Commission for Africa) Secretariat. In 1989–1993 he was a trade representative of the Soviet Union/Russia in New Zealand. Since 1984 Prof. Kovalev has been teaching at the AllSoviet Foreign Trade Academy and the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian MFA (since 1993). He took various posts in the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union, in the Government’s Office. Author of over 70 publications, member of the Executive Committee of the Russian International Law Association, member of numerous international organization, including the UN system. Areas of research include international economic and maritime law.