“At the moment, it is essential that the defined area of BRICS’ operations would receive concrete substance and show its efficiency. The proposed issues in international security and development are ambitious tasks for diplomats and military of BRICS member-states as well as for security experts and relevant ministries and departments. There is no doubt, whether BRICS succeeded in defining its agenda. Now the question is how to move forward effectively” — Vladimir Orlov, Head of the Center for Global Trends and International Organizations at the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Special Advisor to PIR Center.


The head of the NTIA, Larry Strickling, has confirmed the US government’s March 2014 statement on its intention to transfer control of IANA functions to the global community of stakeholders.  But, unfortunately, a clear outline of these future plans is not yet available.  It is not yet known what body will monitor how well ICANN carries out its functions, or what will happen if the quality of implementation of the IANA’s function proves to be unacceptable.” – Michael Medrish, Director of the Internet Support Foundation.

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Radovitsky, Alexander A. image
Name: Radovitsky, Alexander A.
Affiliation: Russian Foreign Ministry
Position: Assistant to the Special Coordinator for the political use of information and communication technologies
Biography :

In 2011 got the Master degree in International relations from Moscow State University of Foreign Affairs. From 2011 to the present time is the officer of the Department for the new challenges and threats. Expert on international security and Internet governance.