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NATO nuclear sharing arrangements: does it comply with the NPT?


MOSCOW, JANUARY 20. PIR PRESS — «Since 2014, Russia has been openly stating that American nuclear weapons in Europe and the nuclear sharing arrangements are a direct violation of the spirit and letter of the NPT (Articles 1 and 2), especially considering the participation of the armed forces of non-nuclear NATO countries in military exercises on the use of American tactical nuclear weapons, deployed in Europe», – Nikita Degtyarev, PIR Center Intern.

On January 20, PIR Center and the Institute of Contemporary International Studies of the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation held a seminar as part of the Midweek Brainstorming Sessions series. During the seminar, Nikita Degtyarev, a first-year student of the international Dual Degree Master’s Program on WMD Nonproliferation (MGIMO-MIIS-PIR Center), presented a research on the topic “The practice of the US and European NATO countries on the nuclear sharing arrangements: is it consistent with the NPT? Assessment of the current situation in the context of the forthcoming 2020 NPT Review Conference”, prepared as part of his four-month internship at PIR Center.

The chairman of PIR Center Executive Board Evgeny Buzhinskiy was a research adviser.

The following issues were covered during the discussion:

  • History of the concept of nuclear sharing: how is it implemented in practice?
  • Positions of NATO countries and Russia: does nuclear sharing violate the NPT?
  • Will this question be raised at the upcoming NPT RC 2020?
  • Who opposes the concept of nuclear sharing (besides Russia)?

The Intern analyzed a large array of sources, including the archives of the US Department of State, documents of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, documents of preparatory committees of the NPT Review Conference 2020, NATO documents, publications of experts such as Roland Timerbaev, William Alberque. During his presentation, Nikita Degtyarev drew attention to the lack of dialogue between Russia, the USA and NATO countries on this issue, as well as the fact that the deployment of American nuclear weapons worries not only the Russian Federation, but also a number of other countries (the Non-Aligned Movement members, Iran , China, Cuba, etc.). The practice of the United States and European NATO states on the issue of nuclear sharing arrangements may be one of the topics under discussion at the upcoming 2020 NPT Review Conference.

The seminar participants noted that “the paper proposed for consideration represents a serious groundwork for further research” and recommended that the topic be further elaborated as part of a master's thesis.

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