Sergey Ryabkov’s Celebrates 60th Anniversary


MOSCOW. JULY 8, 2020. PIR-PRESS. “When students, aspiring to become diplomats, ask me whom they should regard as a role model, I say “Sergei Ryabkov”. You demonstrate such a unique combination of perseverance when it comes to defending national interests, openness to a dialogue, gentleness, intelligence, flair erudition, considerable professional expertise and an innate curiosity, inherent in young spirits, coupled with an endearing charm. Happy anniversary!” – Vladimir Orlov, PIR Center director and MGIMO professor.

On July 8 Sergey Ryabkov, the deputy minister of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation and PIR centre close friend, is celebrating his 60th anniversary. He has devoted 38 years of his career to Soviet and then Russian diplomatic service, with 12 years in office serving as deputy minister of foreign affairs. In an interview for “Open collar” project hosted by PIR Center, he admitted that he had first felt passion for international relations at the age of 12-13, while reading about international events in “Pravda”. “Then I volunteered to deliver political briefings at school, got enrolled in the Interclub of the Pioneers’ organisation. My family was in no way connected to this sphere, with my father serving as a doctor at the Navy, and my mother working as a nurse. Never have I regretted my choice of profession. On the contrary, I consider myself a luckiest man, I’m doing the job I love and get paid for that”, said Sergey Ryabkov.

Sergey Ryabkov’s senior position requires a high extent of selflessness and devotion. He says that a deputy foreign minister is not 100% responsible for his schedule, largely distracted by behind-the-scene interagency activities, which prove to be rather complex and time-consuming. “I usually get to work at about 9am and leave for home at 10pm. We often happen to work on Saturdays. A lot of time is usually spent on running around and discussing stuff, while reading and writing take up far less time than I’d like them to. Everything, which my responsibilities involve, like looking through some data or putting my thoughts in writing, is left for off-hours. I wake up at 6am and don’t go to bed till 1am”.

Taking into account how tough his schedule is, PIR centre particularly appreciates that Sergey Ryabkov makes time to participate in our events. Ryabkov notes that PIR centre fuels creativity and presents an alternative perspective on many issues that are a part of his professional sphere. “PIR Center projects such as Trialogue Club International and Summer Schools on Global Security are unique. PIR Center experts are true professionals, showing good judgement, expertise and great accomplishments”.

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary, Vladimir Orlov, PIR centre director, and Evgeny Buzhinskiy, chairman of the PIR centre Executive Board, sent a congratulatory address to Sergey Ryabkov:

Dear Amb. Ryabkov,

On behalf of PIR centre team, and on our own behalf we wholeheartedly congratulate you on your 60th anniversary. More than 38 years of your diplomatic service made your name a synonym for professional excellence. You have never ceased to confirm Henry Kissinger’s witty remark: “Diplomacy is the art of restraining power”.

PIR Center is grateful to you for our long-lasting fruitful cooperation. Though the Ministry of Foreign Affairs admits the important role of the academic community in expert support of Russian diplomacy, the reverse is no less true. Your remarks, both public and those made behind close door, are an inexhaustible reserve of ideas, guiding us in our activities. Moreover, your zeal at the office overseeing  the most volatile direction of the Russian foreign policy of Russian foreign policy infuses us with ardour to persist in searching for mutually acceptable solutions through informal contacts with foreign partners.

We wish you sound Syberian health, high spirits and numerous happy moments, whether in the driver’s seat, in the family circle or at the negotiating table. We firmly believe that the current score 6:0 in your favour is far from being the limit.

To find out more about Sergei Ryabkov’s hobbies, favourite books and even ties, go for his “Open collar” interview. His publications for PIR Center and photogallery are available on our website.