• Position : Consultant, "Global & Regional Security: New ideas for Russia" Program
  • Affiliation : PIR Center
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Emerging Technologies and Russia’s National Interests

The project Emerging Technologies and Russia’s National Interests is part of the PIR Center program Global & Regional Security: New Ideas for Russia and aimed at exploring the potential for cooperation in the use and regulation of new technologies, as well as the transformation of challenges to Russia's military and non-military security. It is aimed at finding solutions that might minimize potential threats by means of a broad discussion and adoption of an international regulation via multilateral dialogue and mutually beneficial cooperation.


As part of this project, PIR Center experts are working on the following topics:

  • Artificial intelligence and international security
  • Multilateral cooperation in regulating the use of artificial intelligence technologies
  • Application of AI technologies in the international sphere as a tool for solving security problems in diplomacy and other areas of public administration as well as in international organizations
  • International regulation of Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems
  • International Humanitarian Law in the new technological realities.

PIR Center employees give lectures and an independent course on the topic "New Technologies and International Security" at MGIMO University.

PIR Center also engages Russian and foreign researchers from our Expert Council, graduates of our educational programs, and network associations with PIR Center participation in our projects.

PIR Center closely cooperates with MGIMO, the Russian Foreign Ministry, the Russian Diplomatic Academy, Russian and foreign research centers and universities in these and a number of other areas.

For questions regarding the project, please contact PIR Center Consultant Vadim Kozyulin by phone +7 (495) 987 19 15 or via e-mail [email protected].


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The Department of Defense on Feb. 12, 2018 released the "Summary of the 2018 Department of Defense Artificial Intelligence Strategy: Harnessing AI to Advance Our Security and Prosperity". The strategy outlines how DOD will leverage AI into the future.

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